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We are your premier Web Design Agency in Baton Rouge, LA. If you’re looking for a Web Designer that can get you SEO results then we’re ready to help!

Professional Search Engine Optimized Web Design in Baton Rouge

Web design transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a precise science dedicated to enhancing your business’s visibility and boosting your revenue streams. In today’s competitive market, the key to elevating your brand lies in harnessing the power of a professionally crafted website, optimized for search engines and designed to compel your audience into action. By implementing strategies rooted in scientific research, we meticulously engineer your site to not only attract visitors but to convert their interest into tangible outcomes—be it through calls, store visits, or online purchases. Our approach leverages the latest in web design expertise, focusing on user experience, navigation ease, and content clarity, ensuring that every aspect of your site is aligned with your business goals. Dive into the realm of professional web design with us, and watch as we transform your digital presence into a dynamic force that drives your business forward.

  • Boost Visibility: Professionally optimized websites designed to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Drive Action: Strategies proven to convert visitors into customers, encouraging calls, visits, and purchases.
  • Increase Revenue: Tailored web design solutions focused on amplifying your business’s profit potential.


We Target The Keywords That Get You The Best Return On Investment

We Search Engine Optimize key pages on your website so they rank high in search results and are easy to find on Google.

Get More Calls

Web Design With Behavior Optimization

Get more visitors and you will get more phone calls for your business in Baton Rouge! Each page is optimized to influence visitors to call or buy.

Web Design and SEO

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Get More Customers To Visit Or Call Your Baton Rouge Business


SEO has a conversion rate 700% higher than traditional marketing methods.


99% of people never scroll past the first page of results so that's where your business needs to be!


We Guarantee More Website Visitors and an Improvement in Google Rankings or your money back.


Website Development

We design a website that meets your requirements and work with you until it is perfect. All websites come with unlimited edits! All websites come with on-page SEO to help them be found on Google. Our higher end website packages come with off-page SEO to help them rank at the top of Google and Bing search results.


We specialize in ranking websites high in Google search Results with our SEO techniques and strategies. We aim for the #1 spot! We have successfuly reached #1 for dozens of our clients. Ask us about them!

Digital Advertising

Ever want to reach more customers on Google, Facebook, Instagram to increase revenue? We offer a digital advertising service that will create a very high converting Ad for your business. This will work in conjunction with your website to increase leads.

Website Content

Similar to blog articles, on page content such as the descriptions on your home page or services page needs to be search engine optimized. We will SEO every single page for their optimal keywords to make your website rank higher on Google.

Audience Analytics

We track how people are finding your website and make regular optimizations based on their behavior. Our clients receive a quarterly website performance report!

Email Marketing

Your website will be designed to collect emails and will be integrated with an email marketing platform.

More Phone Calls

We optimize our client’s website to get more phone calls or whatever other form of communication they want.

Google & Social Media

We integrate your Google My Business with your website to help both rank higher in Google search results. If you don’t have a Google My Business listing yet, we help you create one! We also will connect your website to your social media accounts!

Web Design and SEO

Web Design + SEO Gets You Customers In Baton Rouge

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform. We will use our Data Driven Growth Hacks to boost your company’s visibility and get you leads.




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Ready For A Website That Actually Brings You Customers In Baton Rouge?

Websites + Ongoing SEO

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Web Pages Included.

Additional pages are $299 each.

Number of Keywords to Rank on the 1st Page of Google

Blog Articles Written By Us

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google My Business Listing Optimizations

Hosted On High Speed Server

Social Media Integration

Email Marketing Integration

SSL, Enhanced Security, and Firewall

Sitemap and Robots Txt File

Listed on Google and Bing

Daily Website Backups

Monthly Reporting

100+ Facebook Page Likes




Build Fee


$1299 per month

Includes home, services/products, about, contact, blog, and 2-6 keyword pages.

6 local or 2 national

level keywords





Build Fee


$699 per month

Includes home, services/products, about, contact, blog, and 1-3 keyword pages.

3 local or 1 national 

level keywords





Build Fee


$499 per month

Includes home, services/products, about, contact, blog, and 2 keyword pages.

2 local

 level keywords





Build Fee


$299 per month

Includes home, services/products, about, contact, blog, and 1 keyword page.

1 local

 level keyword




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Answers to Your Digital Marketing & Web Design Questions

How long does it take you to build a website?

Our web design service only takes about 1-3 days depending on how available our client is. The basic structure of the website can be completed in a few hours. We will need to get information such as a business description, hours of operation, services, products, and pictures to complete the website.

How long does it take for my website to rank on the first page of google?

It can take 1-2 months for google to accept your website as being legitimate, which means it will start to move up in the ranks at this point. We’ve been able to rank website on the first page of google in as short as 1 month and to the number 1 spot on google in 3 months with our Web Design + SEO service. If you subscribe to our SEO service we also manage your google my business account and help it rank higher too, which leads to more phone calls or visits to your establishment.

WiIl I see results after the first month with your SEO service?

We are so confident in our web design abilities that we guarantee an increase in website traffic for our SEO clients that are targeting Local markets.

We can also rank your website on the first page of Google in 3-6 months for at least one Localized keyword search, sometimes faster depending on the competition. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee quick National level results due to the highly competitive nature of SEO among big businesses with huge marketing budgets, but through a steady stream of high quality content we can slowly move your website up higher in the search results.

I have a Google My Business listing so do I really need a website?

Yes, we recommend having an SEO’d business website because it one of the main factors that determines the rank of your Google Business listing.

I own multiple businesses can I get a discount?

Yes! Absolutely. We can do Web Design and SEO work for multiple businesses in Slidell or New Orleans for example or the same business across multiple locations for a discounted rate. We also offer discounts for our SEO packages if we build and maintain your website. Please contact us for more information on our digital marketing discounts.

Which cities do you mostly serve with your Local SEO and Web Design services?

We are very familiar with the cities of New Orleans, Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, Hammond, and Baton Rouge so we aim to provide SEO and Web Design for businesses in these cities. However, we are perfectly capable of doing digital marketing for businesses located in other cities in the United States.

How many businesses have you helped rank #1-3 in Google?

We have organically ranked 25+ local businesses in the 1st thru 3rd spots on Google. Keep in mind that websites can rank differently depending on the keywords used in a search so sometimes it is possible for a single website to rank #1-3 for several keywords. The longer a company uses our SEO services the better chances of this happening.

How long have you been building websites and doing SEO?

Overdrive’s owners have been building websites and blogging since 1998 when AOL dial-up internet reigned supreme, there were dozens of search engines, and Amazon only sold books, to give you some perspective. Back then, the closest things to social media were AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and website forums. We have come a long way as a society and now social media, SEO, and Google are the most relevant topics of digital marketing discussions.

Lucky for our clients, we have seen it all and know how to future proof the websites that we work on. If you choose Overdrive you will be working together with highly trained and educated professionals that are motivated to make you succeed. Visit our About Page to learn more.